1.  These girls are almost to the age where they won’t be playing dress-up anymore.  (sniff, sniff).  That will be a sad day!

almost 1

2.  This boy is almost ready to do laundry himself.

almost 2

3.  These peppers are almost ready to be picked.  (Feels like they took forever to turn red!)

almost 3

4.  We almost have enough green beans to use as a dinner side dish.  Almost.

almost 4

5.  The apricots are almost ripe.  (I’m super excited about it, too — my favorite fresh summer fruit!)

almost 5

6.  This chicken almost got away with sleeping in the tomatoes.  Funny Audrey.  She still roosts here every night, but now I catch her and bring her into the coop.  Animals are not safe in our backyard at night!

almost 6

7.  I’ve almost got the kids 2013-2014 schoolwork organized and put away.  Phew!

almost 7

8.  My husband is almost finished with our awesome new backyard table.  I love doing projects with him!  Can’t wait to show you the finished project.  (Can’t wait to see it, myself!)

almost 8

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