Summer.  Now it’s official.  And here is something I never thought I would say… I think it is my favorite season!  Once we get past Allison’s birthday and Father’s Day and the calendar actually reads summer, I feel such calm and peace.  There is no running from one activity to another.  No birthdays to plan.  No more school planning… at least not for a while.  No schedule.  Summer Bible study and church are the only ways I know what day of the week it is.  (side note:  Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon study is incredible!)  Daily swims.  Daily Bible study.  An abundance of eggs and tomatoes.  Fresh fruit.  Iced coffee.  Barbecues.  Lots of friend time.  VBS.  Camping.  Time for organizing and projects.  Need I add more?  Summer is what I need!  (Right now, that is… when fall comes, that will be my favorite season!)  But for now… I’m in love with summer!


Oh!  One more activity I forgot to add; baseball!  Actually, we aren’t really a baseball family.  But, some sweet friends invited us to play softball on Father’s day, and it was so much fun!  Check out Malachi at bat:

softb 1

softb 2

Happy First Day of Summer!

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