Lake Arrowhead

Sometimes a small getaway is just what the doctor ordered.  In this case, it was a great way to kick-off the summer!  Daniel bought the Groupon for our “Swiss Chalet” a few months back, and we decided the weekend of Allison’s birthday would be the perfect time to go.  (Note to self: Don’t plan a trip the day after a birthday party unless your husband is home the week before to help you think and pack.)  Despite the busy-ness and exhaustion before getting there, I am always at peace surrounded by God’s incredible creation and the ones I love.

arrow 1

We played lots of games… Clue, cards, Wis and Wagers, and ping pong!

arrow 2

The girls enjoyed an outdoor makeover… nails and make-up!

arrow 3

arrow 4

arrow 5

We kept meals simple, marinating and preparing almost everything at home before going up the mountain.  Nice!

arrow 6

Buddy picked a wild orchid on our little nature walk.

arrow 7

arrow 8

arrow 9

Day2: Chilly morning, though not as cold as I expected.  One of my favorite parts of being in the mountains is cool air.

arrow 10

arrow 11

Daniel brought along his birthday present: a hammock.

arrow 12

We went on a lovely little hike; (more of a casual stroll along a short path).

arrow 13

arrow 14

arrow 15

arrow 16

Sweetest. family. ever.  Some of my favorite people on the planet.

arrow 19

More games… and Allison’s new Nancy Drew movie from her birthday.

arrow 20

An evening by the lake…

arrow 21

arrow 22

arrow 23

arrow 24

arrow 25

arrow 26

All this just 40 minutes from home… blessed!

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