Painted Frames from the Craft Closet

I feel very blessed to have a closet in our home dedicated entirely to craft supplies.  (I would show it to you, but it is in desperate need of a summer clean out!)  Anyway, if I dig deep, I can usually find something “special” for the kids to work on.  The other day I found my Ikea 3-pack of wooden frames.  I gave the girls some paint, and expected it to be a quick project.  Why am I always wrong about these things?  Wrong in a good way… this project lasted a long time!  I think it was one of the most impressive paint jobs from all 3 girls.

framep 1

The frames sat in that closet for years, but I am pretty sure they still have them at Ikea… and for a good price!  Next time I go I think I will pick-up some more.   We’ll see how long those last in the closet this time!

framep 2

 And, here they are:

framep 3

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