Mystery Book Birthday

Because birthdays are so special with kids, we make every effort to have a party each year for each kid.  I know some families who do it every other year, and some that keep it simple all the time.   I can understand that… but I love finding out what theme our kids want and then having a party to celebrate!  This year, my oldest chose her favorite pastime as her theme: mystery books.  So, we put together a mystery book theme, based mostly on Nancy Drew.  (On a side note, this was the 20th party we’ve thrown for our kids’ birthday… whew!)

nine 1

We used Nancy Drew’s signature teal and yellow for the color scheme, and added as many vintage finds as we could.  My favorite piece was a gorgeous typewriter loaned to us by this sweet friend.

nine 2

nine 3

Goody bags consisted of flashlights, magnifying glasses, sunglasses, stickers, and candy.

nine 5

Activity # 1:  Fingerprint art.

nine 6

Activity #2: “Questions to ask witnesses.”  (not pictured)  Kids were given a list of questions to ask each other as if they were investigating.  I thought it would be a good way to break the ice and get them talking!

Activity #3:  Charades using titles of Nancy Drew books.

nine 7

nine 8

nine 9

Activity #4: “Who stole the cupcakes?”  (not pictured)  This was my “big” game of the party.  The kids were divided into teams and given a checklist.  They had to go into different rooms and ask each of the witnesses questions to find out who dun nit.  (Specifically, who stole the cupcakes, with what did they steal them, and which rom did they hide them in.)  It was all beaded n the classic game of Clue, and was by far the hit of the party!  The winners each got a decoding kit from the Dollar Tree.

Activity #5:  Mystery menu

nine 10

Each kid had a menu with made-up names for specific items, and after all the kids were served they had to try to decode and figure out what each item was.  More fun!  The menu consisted of all of Allison’s favorites: homemade spaghetti and meatballs, caesar salad, garlic bread, peaches, homemade lemonade, and sweet tea.  Included on the silly item names were things like forks , napkins, and straws.

nine 11

Present opening:

nine 12

nine 13

nine 14

nine 15

As you can see, Allison is holding a cupcake (above).  I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture of the cupcakes, but they were magnifying glasses made out of miniature Oreos, black icing, and tootsie roll handles.  They turned out really cute. We had such a great time.  Happy 9th birthday, my sweet girl!


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