Birthday Breakfast

Breakfast… my favorite meal of the day!  We have quite a few breakfast recipes we rotate, but just a few saved for special occasions.  The last few birthdays, I’ve done cinnamon rolls as a treat.  This year for Allison’s birthday, I decided to try something new – a Norwegian “birthday wreath.”  (What could be more appropriate, right?)

birthb 1

The recipe comes from my new Norwegian cookbook my aunt Carol gave us for Christmas.  I’ve been excited to dive into it, and thought this would be a fun way to start.  And, it was…

breakb 1

…Except that mine didn’t exactly look like the picture.  In many ways it was delicious, but it could have been so much better.  I can’t wait to try it again.  I am glad I at least have a little experience under my belt for making a flaky butter pasty now.

breakb 2

breakb 3

breakb 5

breakb 6

After breakfast, Allison opened the rest of her gifts from Mom and Dad.  (Her under-the-bed present was the Nancy Drew movie.)  The big hit was color-your-own socks craft.   Sisters got in on the action by coloring their own t-shirts.  It made for a fun and busy birthday morning!

breakb 7 breakb 8

That afternoon it was mystery party time; pictures to come!


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