Summer Sampling

Summer has only just begun for us.  Technically, the calendar still says “spring,” but I am in full summer mode and loving it!

This past week was quite busy, and my husband unexpectedly had to be gone longer than I had hoped.  Nevertheless, it was not a surprise to God. That fact alone gave me a lot of peace and comfort.  Add to that the lack of stress for not having to plan school… and honestly, it wasn’t so bad!  Another challenging week is ahead of us with lots to do, but I am ready!  In the meantime, here are some samplings of our summer fun:

sumtime 6

We said goodbye to our baby birds for the 4th year in a row.  It is always so fun to see them fly for the first time!

sumtime 5

This sweetheart can swing and sing for hours by herself.  I NEED to record it for her wedding!

sumtime 4

Origami was a favorite of mine as a kid.  In fact, I still have a huge box of all my origami from when I was a girl.  The big girls have been on a little origami kick, and it has been super fun for me — even if I have forgotten a lot.

sumtime 3

This paper bead project was inspired from this post.  I thought it would be a huge hit — but it was a bust.  I am not giving up, though — I think it was only a bust because it was just my oldest and me and she was wanting to read her new books.  I’ll let you know how take 2 goes!

sumtime 2

 Hanging out with friends we rarely see during the school year is a highlight of summer for us.  I just love this picture — so summery!

sumtime 1

 I think I started this post over a week ago.  I accidentally deleted it, and haven’t had the time to re-do it… until now!  LOTS more summer fun to come!


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