Fire Station Visit

A few weeks back, we were invited to attend a birthday party down in Orange County.  When I looked at the address, I noticed it was just 2 miles from where my husband works.  So, I decided not to tell him about the party, and to take the kids to surprise him afterwards.

fsv 1

I knew that it was a little risky; after all, he could be on a call!  But he would eventually get back, so we would wait… and boy did we wait!  After an hour, I finally got a hold of him on the phone only to discover he was at a different station that day!  So we drove another half hour to the next station.

fs 2

Long story short, we ended up seeing him first at the grocery store, so we bought lunch together then headed to the station for a short but fun afternoon visit.

fsv 3

This was really Malachi’s first visit that he remembers.  I wish we lived closer, (but not enough to move, Honey — sorry!)  The kids had a blast and we took way too many pictures!

fsv 4

fsv 5

fsv 6

fsv 7

fsv 8

fsv 9

I promise these were just a handful of the shots we took that day.  Despite the setbacks, we may try to pull another surprise visit in the future!


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