For some reason, before becoming a parent I just assumed my kids would have the same desires/ talents/ interests as Daniel and me.  You laugh.  Yes, becoming a mom has opened my eyes to many misconceptions I had.  Anyway, the last thing I would have ever wanted to do as a kid was acting.  So, when my daughter asked to take an acting class, I was surprised; but happy.  How wonderful that she would want to overcome the fear of being on stage!  And, she did great.  Meet Wendy from Peter Pan:

act 1

She plans on taking more classes in the fall.  And, she is looking forward to performing at her piano recital in a few days.  Again, I would have rather visited the dentist as a kid than to have performed in a piano recital.  I am so thankful to watch this little life grow and blossom and find her own interests and talents!

Mother’s Day

I can hardly believe my eyes when I look at the calendar and see mid-May, already!  How did that happen?  So, I’m a little behind on my blogging.  I can’t really say that I’ve been too busy or too unmotivated.  Really, I’ve just been so unorganized lately that I hardly know what I’m doing!  I will sit down to blog, forget my camera in the other room and get distracted as I go to get it or some other similar scenario.  What I’m really needing is focus.  So, I have my list ready and I am trying to check it.  I have this problem of either not writing things down then forgetting, or writing them down but then forgetting to look at my list.

Ok, how did I get so distracted, again?  I told you I am lacking focus!

Anyway, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day that included lunch at Lucille’s after church, an afternoon nap, and a wonderful dinner from my hubby.  While he was cooking, I got to have a lot of fun play time with the kids out front.  When we were all called in, the house smelled amazing; grilled salmon with a butter, mustard, basil sauce, asian-marinated beef, grilled corn on the cob, and grilled asparagus.

md 1

For dessert:  special chocolates Daniel ordered for both the kids and me.  Loved, spoiled, blessed… yes!

md 2

md 3

I am so blessed to be a mom.

Cinco De Mayo 2014

Mondays are never super fun for me.  But Mondays after a week of sickies and videos are always much harder, as I have to remind my kids that it is not normal nor healthy to ask for videos all day long.  Thankfully, they did really well today.  I was especially grateful for the “distraction” of Cinco de Mayo to get us back on our feet!  Other than a little craft I thought of last night with no help from Pinterest, (miracle!), tacos for dinner was our only other celebration.  But, the art project was multi-stepped which made it last longer, and not having to think about what to make for dinner was priceless!  So, HURRA for Cinco de Mayo!

cdm 1 cdm 2

Did you guess our craft?  Salt dough sombreros.  Genius, I know.  🙂

cdm 3

cdm 4

cdm 5

They made beautiful little table decorations for our tacos:

cdm 6 cdm 7

cdm 8

Viva El Cinco de Mayo!

Week in Review

While fire and sickness did consume most of the week, here are a few more random activities, (in no particular order!)

wir 1

The dress hunt is on for my girls who will all be flower girls in my brother’s wedding this fall.  These will not be the dresses, but the girls liked them so much I think I will keep them, anyway.  Perhaps for rehearsal dinner?

wir 2

My big girl Natalie had a blast with Daniel at 2nd grade Sparks camp.

wir 3

We left the house for popsicles, fresh fruit at the Farmer’s Market, and ingredients for chicken noodle soup.

wir 4

Natalie looked back at our old blog, and decided she wanted to do paper towel marker “painting” again.

wir 5

Another go at a home remedy… for coughs, I read thyme is very good for you.  (I just googled home remedies for coughs).  Thankfully, we still have a few lemons left on our tree and I happened to have just bought a thyme plant at the Farmer’s Market.  (THAT was the Lord!)  I threw in a little ginger and fresh honey, and it made a wonderful tea.  More importantly, it really helped my coughing… I am sold!

wir 6

As the school year is winding down, so are many of our activities.  Art just finished, acting finishes this week, and we had our AWANA award ceremony today.  The kids made thank you cards for their leaders, though thank you hardly says enough.  We are blessed with an incredible AWANA group and my kids have learned so much about their Bibles and met so many new friends.  I can’t say enough about this program — thank you, AWANA!

wir 7

Poor Sierra was so nervous she didn’t sing or say her verse.  But, she looked cute up there!

wir 8

Allison and Natalie were more relaxed.  They both did great.

wir 9

And this little turkey missed his nap, but was happy:

wir 10

Looking forward to our upcoming piano recital and finishing off the school year!


Well, it certainly was an unexpected day… with unexpected love!  After another night of strong winds, we woke-up yesterday to find this:  (Notice the kids hair blowing in the lower left-hand corner!)

fire 1

Eery.  Ominous.  And smoky.

fire 2

In the picture below, you can see our neighbor’s house with the line of blue.

fire 3

fire 4

In case of evacuation, I packed… sort of.  I grabbed photo albums, important documents, hard drives, and clothes/ toiletries for one night.  I was a little shaky while packing, but for no reason… I didn’t actually expect to be in harm’s way, or evacuated.  All morning the phone rang off the hook.  I felt so incredibly loved!  By noon, the kids sat down at the table for some yogurt — they still were feeling crummy so we didn’t have lunch.  The next thing I know, the police were out front with a megaphone letting us know to evacuate immediately.

Again, my nerves kicked-in; for no reason, though.  I felt at peace, just shaky.  We hopped in the car and drove to a friend’s house who graciously took us in despite having 4 sickies.  My husband called and said he was coming home.  Thankfully, he was in a class and driving a fire vehicle, so he was able to come back for the dog and whatever else I may have forgotten.  We spent a relaxing day with friends and then Daniel’s aunt and were able to return home about 7:30pm.  I was so happy to be heading back to my bed!  Daniel and I drove a little ways up the hill and actually got a look at flames.  We also saw several news vans leaving as we drove home.

What an experience!  Not that I’d like to do it again, but I truly felt so grateful for my friends and blessings.  God is good.