Last Day of School!

Phew… we made it!  The end of the school year most certainly feels like a race to get it all in.  Though we are officially finished, I will wait to breathe my sigh of relief until next week after my daughter’s 9th birthday.  {NINE!  I started writing this blog on her 3rd birthday; how weird is that?}  I digress… today we indeed celebrated our last day of school with some fun!

ld 1

Painted nails.  Why does that feel like a summer thing to me?  Perhaps because I never liked my own fingernails painted, and only painted my toenails as a camp counselor in the summer.   No matter, I think this will be a fun new end of the school year tradition.

ld 2

A water balloon morning at the park with friends.  Again, this may have to become a tradition!

ld 3

Cupcakes.  This was simply a fun surprise brought home from my husband this morning.  (I feel the need to confess that I ate my son’s while he was napping… some day he will be old enough to read this.  Sorry, buddy!)

ld 4

Finally, a field trip to Pasadena with more friends and a candy-making experience.  This was super fun.  The people who work there are so kind and gave lots of free samples.  The candy was awesome and it was fascinating to watch the process from beginning to end.  I highly recommend visiting Papabubble in Pasadena.  (Just don’t park in the metered parking where we got a ticket despite having time still on our meter!)

ld 5 ld 6

ld 7

ld 8

ld 9

Happy Summer Vacation time!!!

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