Glimpses of Memorial Weekend

1.  This little guy insisted on napping in his boots.  Precious.

glim 1

2.  Anything involving water outside on a hot day is a good thing… so I recommend having little ones wash your rug for you!

glim 2

3.   Part 2 of the peg dolls:  On their own, the girls found boxes and popsicle sticks and other essentials and made their peg dolls a house.  Another long and fun independent craft — yes!  Another big mess — YES!

glim 3

4.  I told my husband the tomato plants were too close together.  He said, “No… look how little they are.”  And now?

glim 4

6.  The boy wanted his picture taken making different faces.  This was happy.  And sad.  And scared.  And surprised.  Perhaps he is a bit too young for this game.  Or perhaps he just can’t stop smiling!  (Don’t mind the blue Hello Kitty necklace… or the fact that he can sing most of the words to “Let it Go.”  He’s got sisters!)

glim 5

7.  Memorial Day means swimming — no matter what the temperature of the pool!

glim 6

8.  There was a lemonade tea party with homemade lemonade from our trees.  The kids thought it was a bit too sour.  The grown-ups thought it was perfect.

glim 7

9.  And, the coolest part of all… my oldest daughter wanted to go jogging with me.  Selfishly, I wanted to go alone.  But, I decided to take her along and just jog back and forth when she needed to walk.  (I also brought our jogging stroller in case she needed a rest — I needed my exercise!)  Anyway, we had a great time.  And, guess what we saw?

glim 8

Yikes… wasn’t expecting that!  I was very proud of my girl who is not a runner, nor in running shape.  She gave it a good go, and we are both looking forward to more running dates in the future.

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