Peg Dolls

This past week was pretty intense and exhausting as we conquered a 3-day Practicum on Classical Conversations, learning the classical method of teaching children.  (Such great stuff — If I find it in me I’ll have to share what I learned here.  If for no other reason, I’d love to try to organize my thoughts for myself!)  Anyway, in general we are homebodies and having such a busy week wiped us all out!  So, today I told the kids we needed to get out and exercise — a bike ride to the horses did the trick.  Then their reward was to be a craft.  Little did I know, the craft would be another all-day affair!

We have a lot of craft books.  Most of them are fairly old and a little hokey… but a good resource, none-the-less.  As soon as we got home form the horse stables, the kids looked through the books and came up with this: (peg dolls)

peg 1

I told you… not quite the cute pictures we would have in a contemporary craft book.  But, let me also show you this:

peg 2

HAPPY girls!  They were so enthralled by this project that it lasted through lunch and even through dinner time!  I believe it goes down as our longest craft ever. At least, the longest independent craft ever!

peg 3

peg 4

peg 5

peg 7

peg 8

My favorite clothespins are the grandma ones.  The kids did such an awesome job on their beehive hair!  And, this craft was so independent.  (Or is it that my kids have finally reached that stage — could it be?) Even the beehive hair was completely their idea and done with no help.  And, just so you can’t say I didn’t warn you:

peg 9

There is a mess to clean-up.  I chose to do it myself and sent the kids outside to play after dinner.  Sometimes it’s just easier that way.  If I have the energy, we are going to hit the craft books again, tomorrow!  (Wish me luck!)

3 responses to “Peg Dolls

  1. Wow, Cara! You actually have all that material and yarn and old-fashioned clothespins ON HAND??? I SERIOUSLY need your inventory list! My girls would be ecstatic if we had stuff like that around all the time! 🙂

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