The Chicken Yard

I often hesitate to post pictures of rooms or spaces in our home because it often seems there is just “one more project” in my head until I make that space complete.  I am starting to realize that I may never post pictures if I wait for that final project to be complete!

We did recently “complete” one part of our backyard that has me SO happy.  I’d say our backyard is divided into 6 areas: 1) the patio with the garden, the fountain and dining table, 2)  the pool area, 3)  the playground, 4) the craft/gardening/ play area, 5) the “hill”, and 6) the chicken yard.  Our (mostly) completed chicken yard is finally ready to show:

by 1

 Where do I begin?  That awesome chicken coop in the back was built by my husband.  He had no plans, but slowly built and altered things as he went along.  I think it is amazing.  His tube feeding system allows us to feed the chickens just once every few days!  And, his watering system allows us to not have to water the chickens ever… it is hooked-up to the sprinklers!  The pathway to the chicken yard was FREE using the leftover pavers the previous homeowners left for us and labor from the kids, myself, and mostly Daniel.  The bench is also free; old stumps and lumber.  Daniel also built the fence and put solar light posts as finials.  They work great.  And, the hay bail is leftover from our front porch in the fall.

by 2

The lanterns are fro Ikea and are purely decorative.

by 3

by 4

by 5

I used my Cricut to make a stencil to paint our “fresh eggs.”

by 6

by 7

As I noted before, there are still a few more ideas I have in mind for this space.  But, for now we need to focus on fixing our broken table from the last winds and a few other projects.  I am SO glad summer, (project season), is almost here.

by 8

And, while we are talking about birds and our backyard, our baby birds are back once again this year.  You can barely see one of the birds here:  (So far we’ve spotted three heads.  Exciting stuff!)

by 9

And, that was our chicken yard!

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