The Fine Line

Sometimes there’s a fine line between “school” and “fun” around here… I’d like to think that our fun is still educational.  And, of course on some level it is.  But some days… (especially as we draw near to the end of the school year), we just have fun, and then call it school.

Exhibit A:  I brought down a bunch of magazines and had the kids pick a picture, cut it in half, glue it to their paper, and then draw the other half.  We learned symmetry!  (and important drawing skills, of course!)

scar 1

Exhibit B:  We have some incredible white flowers out front right now.  I have no idea what they are, but I say incredible because I LOVE their strong smell.  Anyway, we did the good ol’ colored water experiment, and the girls painted their observations into their science notebooks.  Some fun facts: blue and red were the most absorbent, while orange and green took much longer to change colors.  Also, the color started from the outside of the petal — I found that very interesting!

scar 2

Exhibit C:  “How to Draw”  Youtube has some great drawing tutorials we do once in a while.  This day the girls chose “Olaf.”

scar 3

Exhibit D:  I have a feeling we are going to be doing a lot of sewing this summer.  My oldest LOVES it and even sacrificed swimming with her daddy for this project… a sweet pouch with a ribbon tie.  All instructions came  out of her sewing book “Made by Me.

scar 4

Exhibit E:  We have long since run out of those black papers for our Light Bright, but that doesn’t stop this one from being creative.  Can you guess what she made?

scar 5

A horse and a dolphin.

Exhibit F:  And, this crazy stuff from Pinterest.  It was called “Wonder Dough,” and it is pretty cool.  But, there are no proportions given and it was a little tough for us to get just the right consistency.  It’s 2 ingredients: corn starch, and tempera paint.  That’s it.  Since we did this on a writing day, I had the big girls design an inspirational piece and then write about it.  Allison did a purple snow cone, and Natalie wrote about a yellow ice skating patch.  Both stories turned out awesome.

scar 6

Happy Learning!

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