Friday Night!

Friday night, (like many households, I am sure), is our fun night.  Want to know a secret?  I look forward to it even more than the kids!  I really do… Sometimes it takes some planning.  I wish I was better at that part.  Most of the time it’s more spontaneous.  Last Friday we had an m&m night.  We split into teams, and used a straw to transport m&m’s into bowls given a time limit.  It was tough — I couldn’t stop laughing.  Daniel creamed us all!  We also passed out m&m’s and went around and learned a bit more about each other.  It was a fun night.


TGIF… we made it through anther week!  For tonight’s family fun dinner, I barbecued pizza.  I did a caprese style for me since we have so much basil to use!  It was delicious, but was really watery right after I pulled it out, so I had to dab it with paper towels.

fn 1

Tonight was our first after dinner swim night of the season.  I was a little worried it would be too cold, but actually the water was warmer than during the day yesterday.

fn 2

fn 3

fn 4

fn 5

fn 6

The only thing missing this week was Daniel, who had to work.  He would have loved seeing this next bug… one of those enormous, flying crickets!  I actually caught it and fed t to the chickens.  Honey, you would have been so proud.  I don’t want anything ruining our tomatoes that are looking incredible!

fn 7

Happy Friday!

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