Lunch is by far my least favorite meal.  I have tons of wonderful breakfast recipes, not-to-mention everybody loves breakfast so it’s always a winner!  Dinner can be tough when I don’t plan, but at least there are many options, again.  Then there’s lunch.

For one thing, after cooking breakfast then getting started on school, I feel like the morning flies by.  The next thing I know the kids want lunch, and I have no time to plan ahead to make something.  They don’t like sandwiches too much, so that is rarely an option.  I want it to be healthy and filling.  I am slowly coming up with some fun alternatives, but I usually make them lunch and then it’s my turn.

I try to make salads for me — (but I’m often too hungry and just eat whatever.)  If I can have patience, I will make myself something.  This week, I did a corn salad that was awesome.

lunch 1

What I love about this salad is that it is versatile.  Sometimes I do basil, and sometimes cilantro.  Sometimes bacon and sometimes not.  Tomatoes.  Corn.  Avocado.  Red Onion.  I’ve seen many variations on Pinterest, but usually just go with what I have.  The dressing is always a little lime juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper.  If you have any lunch favorites, please pass them my way!

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