For some reason, before becoming a parent I just assumed my kids would have the same desires/ talents/ interests as Daniel and me.  You laugh.  Yes, becoming a mom has opened my eyes to many misconceptions I had.  Anyway, the last thing I would have ever wanted to do as a kid was acting.  So, when my daughter asked to take an acting class, I was surprised; but happy.  How wonderful that she would want to overcome the fear of being on stage!  And, she did great.  Meet Wendy from Peter Pan:

act 1

She plans on taking more classes in the fall.  And, she is looking forward to performing at her piano recital in a few days.  Again, I would have rather visited the dentist as a kid than to have performed in a piano recital.  I am so thankful to watch this little life grow and blossom and find her own interests and talents!


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