Cinco De Mayo 2014

Mondays are never super fun for me.  But Mondays after a week of sickies and videos are always much harder, as I have to remind my kids that it is not normal nor healthy to ask for videos all day long.  Thankfully, they did really well today.  I was especially grateful for the “distraction” of Cinco de Mayo to get us back on our feet!  Other than a little craft I thought of last night with no help from Pinterest, (miracle!), tacos for dinner was our only other celebration.  But, the art project was multi-stepped which made it last longer, and not having to think about what to make for dinner was priceless!  So, HURRA for Cinco de Mayo!

cdm 1 cdm 2

Did you guess our craft?  Salt dough sombreros.  Genius, I know.  🙂

cdm 3

cdm 4

cdm 5

They made beautiful little table decorations for our tacos:

cdm 6 cdm 7

cdm 8

Viva El Cinco de Mayo!

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