Week in Review

While fire and sickness did consume most of the week, here are a few more random activities, (in no particular order!)

wir 1

The dress hunt is on for my girls who will all be flower girls in my brother’s wedding this fall.  These will not be the dresses, but the girls liked them so much I think I will keep them, anyway.  Perhaps for rehearsal dinner?

wir 2

My big girl Natalie had a blast with Daniel at 2nd grade Sparks camp.

wir 3

We left the house for popsicles, fresh fruit at the Farmer’s Market, and ingredients for chicken noodle soup.

wir 4

Natalie looked back at our old blog, and decided she wanted to do paper towel marker “painting” again.

wir 5

Another go at a home remedy… for coughs, I read thyme is very good for you.  (I just googled home remedies for coughs).  Thankfully, we still have a few lemons left on our tree and I happened to have just bought a thyme plant at the Farmer’s Market.  (THAT was the Lord!)  I threw in a little ginger and fresh honey, and it made a wonderful tea.  More importantly, it really helped my coughing… I am sold!

wir 6

As the school year is winding down, so are many of our activities.  Art just finished, acting finishes this week, and we had our AWANA award ceremony today.  The kids made thank you cards for their leaders, though thank you hardly says enough.  We are blessed with an incredible AWANA group and my kids have learned so much about their Bibles and met so many new friends.  I can’t say enough about this program — thank you, AWANA!

wir 7

Poor Sierra was so nervous she didn’t sing or say her verse.  But, she looked cute up there!

wir 8

Allison and Natalie were more relaxed.  They both did great.

wir 9

And this little turkey missed his nap, but was happy:

wir 10

Looking forward to our upcoming piano recital and finishing off the school year!

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