Well, it certainly was an unexpected day… with unexpected love!  After another night of strong winds, we woke-up yesterday to find this:  (Notice the kids hair blowing in the lower left-hand corner!)

fire 1

Eery.  Ominous.  And smoky.

fire 2

In the picture below, you can see our neighbor’s house with the line of blue.

fire 3

fire 4

In case of evacuation, I packed… sort of.  I grabbed photo albums, important documents, hard drives, and clothes/ toiletries for one night.  I was a little shaky while packing, but for no reason… I didn’t actually expect to be in harm’s way, or evacuated.  All morning the phone rang off the hook.  I felt so incredibly loved!  By noon, the kids sat down at the table for some yogurt — they still were feeling crummy so we didn’t have lunch.  The next thing I know, the police were out front with a megaphone letting us know to evacuate immediately.

Again, my nerves kicked-in; for no reason, though.  I felt at peace, just shaky.  We hopped in the car and drove to a friend’s house who graciously took us in despite having 4 sickies.  My husband called and said he was coming home.  Thankfully, he was in a class and driving a fire vehicle, so he was able to come back for the dog and whatever else I may have forgotten.  We spent a relaxing day with friends and then Daniel’s aunt and were able to return home about 7:30pm.  I was so happy to be heading back to my bed!  Daniel and I drove a little ways up the hill and actually got a look at flames.  We also saw several news vans leaving as we drove home.

What an experience!  Not that I’d like to do it again, but I truly felt so grateful for my friends and blessings.  God is good.


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