One of Those Days

We all have them… “bad days.”  Right now I can’t even finish this post without being interrupted for a drink of water or a cuddle.  My poor children are sick.  It was very sudden and very nasty; they are all lethargic with high fevers and coughs.  It doesn’t happen very often, but I decided they needed a “sick day.”  So, we did no school and watched way too many videos.

In addition to waking-up to sick children, we also woke up throughout the night due to another bad wind storm.  Our table was shattered for the second time this year.  See…

bad 1

In order to help my oldest whose ears were really bothering her, I decided to try a cheap and easy natural remedy of garlic-infused olive oil.  I got it from this awesome blog.  I am all about natural remedies if I know of them and they are “easy.”  I wish I was more diligent in studying them, actually.  But, we definitely gave out our fair share of Motrin today as temperatures reached 104 for one of my kids.  So, I bet you are wondering… did it work?  I believe it did.  Just an hour later, she said they felt better.  Before that, she was complaining every few minutes about the pain.  Get the super easy instructions here.

bad 2

Due to their sickness, only one kid ate breakfast, and none of my kids ate lunch.  So, by late afternoon I decided to try out a new Pinterest recipe for a snack.  Epic failure.  I believe what happened was I had the oven on the wrong temperature, and then tried to change it mid-way through cooking.  Oops.  Allison and I still thought they tasted good, and I am so willing to try these again.  But, this time around it just didn’t work.  What are they?  Gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip “muffins.”  They really are simple, so trying them again will be easy.  You can get the recipe here.

bad 3

I smile when I think of the work God has had to do in me regarding “bad days.”  Of course, I still fall into that poor me trap at times.  My selfish, sinful nature just won’t go away completely.  But, I find there is such peace in just smiling at the little failures… and truly they are minor!  Yes, we had wind… it was nothing compared to the tornadoes that hit the midwest.  Sick kids?  It’s just a passing sickness; not a chronic illness.  Failed muffins?  We can always try again.. we are SO blessed!

Thank you for bad days, Lord… and the reminder they bring of how blessed we really are!

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