Daniel’s 39th

My hubby’s official birthday was this past week, and we had a fun and laid-back day celebrating.

danb 1

danb 2

danb 3

danb 4

Poor birthday boy had to do his own dinner cooking.  But, we couldn’t resist buying these lobster-sized prawns.  The boy was beyond excited to have live shrimp in his sink.

danb 5

Instead of cake, (since we did that for his surprise party), we opted for an ice cream date.  Handels is always a good idea.

danb 6

danb 7

danb 8

danb 9

danb 10

danb 11

Bedtime was filled with dancing, performances, and fun for Papa.

danb 12

danb 13

I tried super hard to upload a video for you. I’m going to hit “publish” and see if this works!  (If not, I gave the URL for you to go to, if you wish.)  Warning: it’s from “Frozen,” so if you’re Frozened out by your own kids, you may not want to watch!  Consider yourself warned.

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