Puppet Theater

It happens more often than I probably should admit. First, my girls begin their own creative play.  Next, I listen carefully to hear what they’re up to.  Then, I let them continue their play and we skip out on another aspect of “school.”  Is that bad?  (I don’t really want to know!)  The truth is, I used to feel guilty about it.  But now, I see it as a part of how and why we homeschool.  They were writing… working together… creating characters… learning more than probably a book could teach them about some things.  And so, I let them play…

pup 1

On this particular day it started with paper puppets glued onto popsicle sticks.  Next came the theater, and finally the script.  I didn’t tell them what to do… they just did it.

pup 2

And, I got to watch… and take pictures… and smile at their cuteness and creativity!

pup 3

pup 4

pup 5

pup 6

Perhaps they thought they got away with something.  If so, I’m sure that was kind of fun for them!  We still do books and workbooks and such most of the time.  All I know is this is my favorite part of homeschooling!

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