Scenes from Easter 2014

What a joyous day!  This year our Easter was anything but typical, but lovely.  At church we were able to pray with people and see lives changed.  What a blessing!  We also went out for brunch and dinner, which meant no cooking or food prep… and more time for fun!

eas 1

eas 2

eas 3

eas 4

This year the Easter Bunny tried hard to limit the sugar and do more craft/toy-type baskets.  We just have way too much candy in the cupboards at all times, it seems.  The kids didn’t seem to miss it a bit.  They were thrilled with their baskets!

eas 5

Peeps were consumed first thing.  How can you say no to that face?

eas 6

After church and brunch, we came home and did mint buttercream play dough.  The last time I did this was 3 years ago, and I had said back then that I needed to make it a tradition.  Three years later and we’re just getting to it again!  It is the yummiest treat and has the best play dough consistency!  You can get my original recipe here.

eas 7 eas 8 eas 9

Finally, it was time for the egg hunt.  This was Malachi’s first ever egg hunt.  (Last year we decided a nap was more important!)  So, that made it extra special.

eas 11 eas 12 eas 13

eas 14

eas 15

eas 16

Unfortunately, little Malachi’s nap did not allow him to join us for egg decorating.  (Thankfully, he didn’t mind!)

eas 17 eas 18

We also watched “Frozen,” before going out to dinner.  (Ok, perhaps Daniel and I slept through most of it since we had to stay up to see both the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy visit the night before!)

And, last up is a simple Easter craft we did the day before:

eas 19

Hope you had a blessed Easter.

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