Meaningful Easter

As a parent, I can’t help but be drawn into all the cute stuff around for Easter… whether it’s crafts and decor on Pinterest, the dollar section at Target, or even the Easter section at the grocery store.  All of it makes me want to build a garden, decorate eggs, and turn my old glass jars into Easter candy containers.    Finding the true meaning of Easter really does take “work.”  It’s not apparent.  This week as we tried to read the Bible every day, it felt like there was one distraction after another.  But, even that became a lesson… we talked about how easy it is to get distracted and how important celebrating Easter really is.

Our pastor has been encouraging us to pray and invite neighbors to church.  I tried to think of a way to do this with the kids in a fun way, so this is what we did…


I had the girls collect sticks and used a little twine to make crosses.  Then we wrapped some scrap fabric around a container of fresh eggs from our chickens.  (We’ve been blessed with more than we can use lately!)  We attached an egg with the words to “I know my Redeemer Lives,” which we found on Pinterest.  On the back, we wished our neighbors a happy Easter and wrote the address and church times for our church.  The kids and I prayed over the eggs, and they were ready to deliver!  It was a very easy and non-threatening way to invite our neighbors to church.  Turns out one of our neighbors actually already attends our church — so that was a fun connection to make!  (Obviously our church is quite large and it’s impossible to know everyone.)

Do you have any good ideas for making Easter meaningful?

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