Camping in April

Camping for just one night is a lot of work…. but I can honestly say it was worth it this time around.  Our dear friends planned an April camping trip to break-in their new trailer and invited us along.  Due to scheduling conflicts, we were only able to make it for one day and night, but I’m so glad we did!

sdc 1.5 sdc 1

Though we don’t have a camper ourselves, we rented a little “cabin” with this cool porch swing.  Still no bathroom, but much nicer than a tent!  The kids had the front room with two sets of bunk beds, and we had the back room with a double bed.

sdc 2

There was also a heated pool… need I say more?

sdc 3 sdc 4

sdc 5.5

sdc 5

As if hours of swimming and no naps were not enough to wear them out, the kids also spent a lot of time running around, jumping, and playing tag at the playground and all along the grounds.

sdc 6 sdc 7 sdc 8 sdc 9

Again, camping for one day was made easy by our friends who graciously made us both lunch and dinner.  How did we get so blessed?

sdc 10 sdc 12

S’mores were about the only thing that drew the kids back from all their playing.

sdc 13 sdc 14

Despite being exhausted, the kids still took a while to fall asleep.  Wired, I suppose… who could blame them?

sdc 15

It just so happens that we were there on the night of the lunar eclipse.  With the kids tucked away, we were able to enjoy the campfire and great talks until late into the night.  In fact, us old folks who are normally early to bed made it until past midnight to see the full eclipse.  It was pretty awesome to watch.

sdc 16

I feel so blessed that homeschooling and my husband’s job allow for the flexibility to experience things like this on a weeknight.  I also feel blessed by our amazing friends.  Yes, camping for one night is a bit of work… but so worth it!


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