Right after Spongie disappeared, we were all feeling a little sad about not having our kitty around.  One day we stopped at the mailbox on our way home from the library and, as usual, we guessed whether the mail would be there yet, how many eggs the chickens had laid, but not whether Spongie would be in or out this time.  Just as we discussed how sad it was that Spongie wouldn’t be there, we were surprised with a fun package in the mailbox… caterpillars!

mat 1

Fast forward just a few weeks… (they grow FAST!)  And we have butterflies!  We’ve ordered them before, and it really is a fun process to watch.  However, it is a little disturbing, as well… (something fascinating and a bit weird about cocoons!)  Anyway, look at the picture below carefully:

mating 1

Yup… mating butterflies!  They were together about 18 hours!  (Whew!)  Anyway, today was release day!

but 1

but 2

but 3

but 4

but 5

but 6

but 7

but 8

but 9

but 10

I was hoping they would stick around our garden.  They all flew off in different directions.  Happy life to our 5 flying friends!


5 responses to “Butterflies!

  1. Love this post! Abby’s preschool does this every year! This year, her class is hatching ladybugs and a few other classes are doing butterflies! I’m about to order a kit for home. So fun!

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