No, these pictures are not from last summer… they are from yesterday!

gar 1

While our apricot and plum trees are just starting to get blossoms, our peach tree has a few ripe peaches, already.  One in particular was quite large, and I’ve had to tell my oldest every day, “It’s not ready, yet…” until yesterday!

gar 2

It was juicy and delicious and a great snack for after her swim.  But, she was still hungry.  So I peaked in the garden, again.

gar 3

The red pepper was finally ready.  I only have one child who loves them and it happens to be her, so she was in luck!  In addition to a few little garden goodies being ready early, our chickens are really coming through for us in this weather, as well!  Today we got 10 eggs… hooray!

gar 4

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