Cinnamon Rose Beads

Our curriculum for geography this year includes a book called, “Global Art.”  Even if you don’t “travel” the world in your studies, it’s a lot of fun to have a book of crafts from around the world.  Anyway, this particular craft was dry… interesting.  For our time in Spain, we were to make “bead” necklaces using cinnamon and rose petals! Luckily for us, our neighbors have lots of roses and are willing to share.  (Of course, we called first just to make sure!)

sca 1 sca 2 sca 3

After boiling the rose petals, you drain the excess water, mix in cinnamon, then form into balls.  Next, we strung the beads onto some baker’s twine and baked for 20 minutes.

sca 4

They smelled good!  But, I am not sure they looked too pretty.  It was a fun experiment, though!

sca 5


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