April Fool’s 2014

We had a really fun time with our April Fool’s jokes this year.  EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. in our family was fooled!  (Though, the pictures of me may have been dramatized after the fact).

Prank 1:  Allison made me my coffee, but rather than adding half and half, she put in Bailey’s Irish Cream.

afool 1

Prank 2:  Daniel helped my children hard boil eggs the day before, so when I went to make breakfast this morning — I was stumped for a minute, that’s for sure!  🙂

afool 2

Prank 3:  We made some homemade brownies this afternoon.  (Side note: so easy, and way better than a box!)  Anyway, while the girls practiced piano and Chinese upstairs, I pretended to get the brownies ready.  When they came down and pulled the foil back, they found “Brown ‘E’s”  HA!

afool 3


Of course, they still got to have real brownies:

afool 5

Prank 4:  Finally, this was my favorite:  My husband had a meeting this morning, so while he was gone we filled his pillow case with balloons.  He came home and laid down with Sierra and didn’t even notice at first.  Then I said, “Aw, how sweet… let me get my camera — scoot up a bit.”  When he did and noticed, he laughed pretty hard.  The girls loved it!

afool 4


And that, my friends, was our April Fool’s Day!


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