Marble Run

Today is officially our last day of Spring Break.  Bummer.  Every day this past week, Sierra woke-up and asked, “Can Allison and Natalie have recess and play with me?”  When I’d answer yes, she would scream, “Yippee.”  I think she’ll be a little sad to hear “No,” tomorrow!

We went to church last night, which meant we had a full day of nothingness to enjoy.  It was wonderful!  First I pulled out this and asked the kids what they thought of it:

mr 1

“Ooh, what are we making?”  Answer:  A marble run!

mr 2

mr 3

mr 4

mr 5

mr 6

mr 7

The big kids had fun making it, and the little kids had fun playing with it.  So, I’d call it a success.  (Personally, I had fun building it, too!)  We finished the day with some perler beading, spaghetti and meatballs, and AWANA. Tomorrow it’s back to school…  HELP!

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