Explain This.

Thursday was a beautiful day: in the low eighties.  

et 1

The girls went for a swim.  Then they decided to read magazines for an hour on their towels.

et 2

By evening, it had cooled off a bit, but was still nice.  So, the kids went out to blow bubbles while I did dishes.  All of a sudden, I hear “Mom, Mom… Come quick… you have to see this rainbow!”  I was certain it had something to do with the bubbles.  I never expected to see this…

et 3

It was gorgeous; right above our house!  But, no sign of rain whatsoever.  Just a few wispy clouds.  How did that happen?

et 4


I called Daniel to ask that very question.  Allison said, “Mom — you know it’s God’s promise!”  Well, of course.  Thanks for the beautiful smile, God!

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