Right Now

Here’s what’s happening… right now!

rn 1

The lettuce that we planted last year and got rid of as soon as the season was over has come back — all over!  We have about 8 plants like this in our garden bed, (and a few popping up in our lawn!)  I have had home-grown salad for a few days now, and am loving it!  What a fun surprise.

rn 2

The time change has worked wonders with our chickens.  We are now back up to 5 – 9 eggs a day.  (This winter we had many days with just 0 – 1 egg and actually had to buy some at the Farmer’s Market.)  Hooray for the time change!

rn 3

I have no idea what happens to peaches that begin to ripen in March.  They are about the size of a large bouncy ball — probably mostly pit.  Does this mean no July peaches this year?  Probably.

rn 4

This boy.  Right now he has taken to saying, “Mama,” in a weird baby voice.  He says it all. the. time.  But he is not a baby now.  Oh no; he is all toddler!  He loves singing in his crib, and I often get serenaded with “Farmer in the Dell” while making breakfast.  It used to be I asked for a kiss and I got one.  Now, I often get a scrunched-up-eyes-closed-smiley face.  At least I still get my kiss if I fake cry!  He also still loves to wear his goggles.  Makes me smile every time.

rn 5

Last but not least… these children decided 88 degrees outside was enough to put on swimsuits and go for a swim… in March… despite the pool being freezing cold.  Gotta love kids!

And that’s what’s happening… right now.

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