Nothing Like Fresh

Back in August, my husband attended a class through our city about “healthy eating.”  Once you’ve attended the class, you can pick up tickets each month to go towards half-off produce at our local Farmer’s Market.  We have since become regulars at the Farmer’s Market, and can never go back to store-bought strawberries!  Recently, my husband also bought a 25 pound bag of oranges.  We have finished most of them off in just a week!

oj 1

Every morning now starts with fresh oj!  It is SO SWEET!  Who wouldn’t like it, right?

oj 2

My little boy who loves all juice, that’s who!  Crazy!  He loves the fresh organic oj from Costco, but not this.  He loves when we make carrot juice, but not this.  He loves eating these oranges even… but not the juice.  Silly boy!


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