Busy Week, Windy Day!

March is always a busy one for us.  Thankfully we have no immediate family birthdays, but we have no shortage of friends with birthdays!  Monday we went to a party for our little friend, (and it also happens to be the birthday of my college roommate and both my grandmothers).  And, tomorrow we have two birthday parties, (though I have 6 friends with a birthday tomorrow!)  Anyway, to add to our busy week, we decided to hit Disneyland!  This time I took just my big girls, since last time Daniel took just the little ones.  We were hoping to go before spring break and crowds, but still there were quite a few people!

windy 1

I took this one picture… in the parking lot… and then put the camera in the trunk.  It was my first time at Disneyland without a stroller, so all our food and water was on my back and I didn’t want to lug around one more thing.  It was pretty fun to go with just my older girls.  It’s almost surreal — when did they get so big?  But, I look forward to going again as a family; we certainly missed our other half!

It was a windy day, and we got home late in the afternoon.  Just before pulling around to our cul-de-sac, I commented, “It’s so windy we should go fly a kite!”  A second later, we pull up to see Daniel and Sierra holding our… KITE!  So, the big girls were suddenly re-energized and headed to the park to fly a kite with their daddy.

windy 2 windy 3 windy 4

I wish I had as much energy!  🙂


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