Sew Fun

Some weeks the weekend just can’t come fast enough.  Last week was one of those weeks.  It’s not that it was a bad or even a hard week.  I was just really looking forward to having a day with no school and nothing on the schedule.  And, it really was a nice weekend!  We started off by doing limited bookwork on Friday and then began a little sewing project.

sewfun 1

Natalie got two little sewing projects for her birthday, so she shared one with her sister.  **smile**

sewfun 2

I LOVE these little projects because the holes are pre-punched, and the directions are fairly simple.  Therefore, the girls were mostly independent.  Plus, they came with soft needles that were easy to thread, making it safer and easier for the girls to do on their own.

sewfun 3

sewfun 4

sewfun 5

Didn’t they turn out cute?  It was a lovely weekend… sigh… now I’m off to plan for Monday!


3 responses to “Sew Fun

  1. Two thoughts… Wow; that bucket of thread is simply awesome. That said; number two is a question. I know these were a gift, but where were these found? I think I might have a use for a few. Thanks!
    (Cute pics and kids, as always!)

    • My thread bucket I actually bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. (Not the bucket, but all the contents.) I LOVE having a huge array of embroidery floss and we seem to use it all the time! The little crafts I just saw at Michael’s last week. That is actually what sparked me remembering we had them to do! Thanks for your sweet note!

      • Our collection of various crafting, candy making, and baking supplies is growing by leaps and bounds recently. We’ll definitely be investing in more floss soon! We have a decent selection, but not quite that much!

        Thanks for the heads up on the crafting projects. I’ll be checking that out!

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