Peanut Butter Cookies

I couldn’t resist.  I had been eyeing it for a while… even put it on my Pinterest board.  Then it went on sale.  But, I still didn’t bite.  Then it was marked down even further and… well, I couldn’t resist!

pbc 2

Isn’t it fun?  Such a cute stamp.  One thing I didn’t consider since I purchased it online was the size.  It’s actually quite large, which meant my cookies were quite large!  (That’s not really a bad thing, I suppose!)

pbc 1

I decided on peanut butter cookies since I prefer my sugar cookies to be frosted.  Even though I love peanut butter cookies, I rarely make them because I don’t like the messiness of the peanut butter.  Silly, I know.  Now I have motivation!

pbc 3

I actually cut the cookies into fourths for the kids… that’s how large they are!  But, I had no problem eating a whole one myself!

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