Magic Pink Cupcakes

Thursday is library day around here.  (Every other Thursday, that is.)  This week as we walked into the library, Sierra was immediately drawn to a book.  This never happens.  I read the book, and she seemed interested.. and then we got to the end… and there it was:

mpc 1

… a recipe for the magic pink cupcakes!  Why are they magic?  Because when you add a “wish” to be a princess, your wish comes true!  NOW this book was a huge hit!

mpc 2

She could hardly wait to get home.  “Can we make them now?”  We decided to wait until Friday, as my parents were on their way to our house.  Friday morning came, and the mixer came out with the sun!

mpc 3

I was almost as excited as Sierra.  After all, who doesn’t love a good cupcake?  Especially on a rainy day!  But, I know my girl… and therefore I had a little apprehension.  Would she be disappointed if she wasn’t a real princess after eating one?

mpc 4

The moment came, and she took a bite!

mpc 5

I did my best to bow down and pretend she was a princess.  But, she knew it was “pretend.”  And, my apprehension proved correct.  She was a little disappointed.  And so it goes.  Being a “good mom,” (ha!)  I did explain that she truly was a princess… the daughter of the most high king, JESUS!  That’s truth and that’s wonderful.  Her response?  “But I still don’t look like a princess!”  Well, I tried.  It was fun… and I’m looking forward to another pink cupcake after lunch today!


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