Daddy’s Helper

It would have been so much easier to do by himself…

dh 1

But that’s not how my husband thinks.  In fact, Malachi was not even asking to help.  Daniel called him over.  He purposefully enlisted his help!

dh 2

And, Malachi was thrilled.  This is not even new to having boys.  From the time our girls were little, Daniel has enlisted their help in home projects.

dh 3

I love the teaching that takes place.  And the bonding.  And the sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence he’s building in our children.  And, of course, the cute pictures to go with it!

dh 4

No, he didn’t have to ask for help.  Yes, it would have been easier to do it alone.

dh 5

But I’m so glad he chose not to!  Oh, and take a look at our cute little lights I found on clearance at Target:

dh 7

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