From the time my kids were little, our visits to the park never seemed “traditional.”  What I mean is, my kids never seemed to just want to run around and play.  In fact, my oldest at age 2 would ask to sit and “talk.”  (That has not changed.)  Granted, we all love the park.  We find different ways to be creative and have fun.  But, it’s rarely kids run off and mom relaxes on a bench.  (And that’s ok with me, too… mostly!)  Anyway, after this particular park trip, the kids came home with pinecones to paint.

artd 1

Miss Natalie still loves writing and illustrating stories.  But, they are always top secret for weeks until she is done.  I often walk by her desk (curtain closed) and pull the curtain back and say “boo” to tease her.  This particular day, she got me — I was walking by when suddenly, “BOO!”  I jumped, and we both had a great laugh!

artd 2

I don’t know how many of these paper “dolls” I have made.  I estimate close to a hundred, and that’s not exaggerating.  It is still a favorite pastime for my girls.  I smile when I think it may be a fond childhood memory that they will cherish and perhaps a tradition they will pass on to their own girls.  Basically, it goes like this:  (Forgive me if you’ve read this before!)  I cut a paper into thirds.  I tai my black pen and draw as the girls describe their doll in detail.  They then name the rolland color it in with watercolors.  This is only the beginning.  After that, it is hours of play.  Love.  this.  tradition.

artd 3

Happy creating!

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