Family Time

It happens every time…

ft 1

Whenever we are all in a room together, one of the kids always yells out, “FAMILY TIME!”  Suddenly Malachi’s arms are lifted and he requests, “Dance with me.”  Or a little curly top is crawling onto my shoulders.  Or kids are singing, “Daddy be a horseeee.” Frankly, chaos ensues.  But there is a lot of laughter.  And a lot of smiles.  And a lot of joy and relationship happening.

ft 2

I rarely grab my camera.  I don’t want to interrupt the moment.  After all, that is what it’s all about!  But this time I did… just to capture it, and remember it, and hold onto it.  I love that it still happens and pray it never stops — even if the horseeee can no longer crawl due to the weight!

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