It’s Valentine’s week!  So, here are a few “sweet” pics.

sw 1

A fun little Valentine party with THE BEST COOKIES!  (If my friend gives me the recipe, I will have to share!)

sw 3

An incredible little Valentine’s package all the way from Mississippi.  My girls keep begging me to take them there to meet their pen pals; the beautiful daughters of a friend I grew-up with.  (I wish!)  My favorite part was the little packages you smash that blow-up into balloons.  So cool!

sw 4

This little guy never ceases to amaze us with his coordination.  He has lots of fun with Operation!

sw 5

I love that my girls’ still love bubble baths.  (Wait a minute, so do I!  I guess that is not something one grows out of.)

sw 7

The cat.  Always sweet material.

sw 8

And, these two.  I find it so precious that big sister can always make Malachi laugh.  And I love it when this dude decides to wear swim goggles!

sw 9

Hope your week is off to a sweet start!

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