Valentine Fun Day

I know I’ve said this before, but I just have to say it again.  I am SO blessed with awesome friends.  (ALL of them!)  But, I am especially grateful for those that homeschool with me.  The kids think these homeschool fun days are for them.  And they are… with the added bonus of fellowship for the moms!

vs 1

First, we made heart doggies.

vs 1.5

Then it was snack time.  You know, because one craft takes a lot out of ya! (ha!  Or perhaps I shouldn’t leave treats out in plain sight so that suddenly everyone is “hungry.”  Gotta love kids!)

vs 2

vs 11

Heart card sewing… No rules; just fun!

vs 3

vs 4

vs 5

The heart chopstick pick-up game.  First, I had the kids get all their chopstick energy out.  Notice my little curly top; she was NOT happy abut the “noise.”  (I know my poor girl is noise sensitive, but even chopstick noise?)  I just love this picture.  Her face is priceless!

vs 6 vs 7

More energy-burning outside.

vs 8 vs 9 vs 10

Lunch.  Who knew Capri Sun balloons could be so fun?

vs 12

vs 13

And, heart tp painting.  We didn’t even get to half our activities, but that is ok.  What an awesome day!

vs 14


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