Schoolin’ Around

It feels a little funny doing a school post on a day where we didn’t get all that much accomplished at school.  But, that is the reality of homeschool.  We have rockin’ days full of fun activities and awesome attitudes.  And, we have very normal days with some fun and some fussing.  And, we have days like today where the kids are happy because Mom has to run errands, do cleaning, and very little real school gets accomplished.  Anyway, here are a few pics from the last couple weeks:

ska 1

We made Mt. Vesuvius while studying Italy.  (We also had Grandma visiting who was able to share her story of Grandpa driving over the Ponte Vecchio while they were in Italy, but that’s another story!)

ska 2 ska 3

We also made mosaic baskets in honor of the Italians.

ska 4

Next we flew to Greece and learned about some great inventors.  (Our trip to Greece was also timely due to the Olympic games coming up!)  The great inventor Dionysius gave us the catapult, but we perfected it using marshmallows as the perfect ammo.

ska 5 ska 6

Who is that cutie who filled his dump truck and escaped with all our ammo, anyway?

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