Unforgettable Day

You see the title… “Unforgettable Day.”

disn 1

Next, you might recognize where we are… Disneyland!

disn 2

And, while Disneyland does make for some great memories, that is not why this was an “unforgettable day.”

disn 3

The truth is, I would like to forget the feeling.  It is one I never hope to experience again.  The feeling of losing a kid…

disn 4

Daniel had Malachi, and I had the girls.  We just got off a ride, and were hurrying to find him, as he saved us a spot in another line.  I had Sierra on my shoulders and was calling Daniel to see where he was.  Then my oldest asks, “Where’s Natalie?”

disn 5

I turned around expecting to find her right away.  A minute passed, and it felt like an hour.

disn 6

I spotted a security guard right away, (and continued to notice them the rest of the day… funny how that works, huh?)  He was a sweet old man, who assured me that they had never lost a child at Disneyland.  That did help calm my fears… a little.  I told him what she was wearing, etc.  He took Allison to go look, and I stayed with Sierra right where she was initially  missing.  Meanwhile, Natalie also found a guard and told him she couldn’t find her parents.  The whole ordeal was about 10 minutes; but it felt like forever!  I am SO thankful for the Lord at those times, (and always!)

disn 7

Later on, Natalie braved her first upside down roller coaster with me.  What a thrill!  Poor thing was terrified.  I have always loved roller coasters, but found it slightly nerve-racking, myself.  Fun memories!

disn 8

disn 9

I’ll leave you with this sweet face.  Yes, we will do Disneyland again soon, little one!  And this time I will pay more attention to the whereabouts of my littles at all times!

2 responses to “Unforgettable Day

  1. Oh, Cara! That must have been a tough ten minutes. This has always been a fear of mine, the park being so huge and all (and me frequently going with four kids on my own).

    What I’ve tried to do, is pick a very recognizable spot in any “land” we’re in; if we get separated, we all know to meet in that one spot and nowhere else.

    I’m so glad you all enjoyed the day. (I am seriously getting jealous of the awesome camera. Maybe it’s time I braved using our Canon, instead of being such a chicken.)

  2. Thanks for the tip! Yes, it was quite scary, but the rest of the day went well!

    Oh friend, if you have a Cannon, use it! Mine is on auto 90% of the time because I am very clueless about it, but even so it takes awesome pictures. 🙂

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