Sunshine Sunday

Life is good.

rand 1

Movie and popcorn.

rand 2

Perler Beading.

rand 3

Valentine making.

rand 4

Glitter and glue.  (Thank goodness for lovely weather!)

rand 5

Reading to Grandma.

rand 6

The hat. Malachi made this in Sunday School two weeks ago, and still puts it on every time we get into the car.  adorable.

rand 8

The football — this kid loves his football!

rand 9

Nutella and apples.  Have you been enlightened, yet?  I overheard a lady talking about it at the Farmer’s Market, and chimed right in to exclaim, “That sounds good!”  Great snack for the kiddos; (if I could get Malachi to actually eat the apple, too!)  The lady also mentioned what a healthy snack this was… and it is compared to some, I suppose.  But, Nutella is no healthy snack!  None-the-less, we’ve found a new fun treat!

Happy Sunday!

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