TEN Years!

I just love this time of year.  Love, love, love.  The weather is perfect.  The chaos and clutter and celebrations of the past few months, (which I love while I am in the midst of them), are behind.  In fact, they always feel so far away by mid-January I can hardly believe Christmas was less than a month ago!  The house feels crisp and clean.  A new year is here!

Anyway, January is also our anniversary.  January 24, in fact!  It is such a special time for me.  Even four kids later, I still count my wedding day as the most special day of my life.  Reflecting on that day, and how much has happened since is always so special.  This year is our first milestone anniversary, as well — ten years!  To celebrate, we flew my mom in to watch the kids and went on our first ever getaway as a couple.  (Hard to believe, right?)  So, after eight and a half years with no break from kiddos, you’ll have to forgive me for the length of this post.  Believe it or not,  I took far more pictures than this.  But, here is a glimpse…

get 1

Before leaving, I handed my oldest the camera.  I wanted to remember this moment.  The feeling.  Such joy and excitement, I could hardly contain myself!

get 2

We debated stopping at Disneyland on the way there.  After all, it was on the way and we have passes.  Oh, how I wish I could be spontaneous!  But alas, I remembered we are not night people, we are morning people.  And, we’re old.  That spontaneous stop may have cost me all my energy for the weekend!  So, we went straight to the hotel.  No regrets — it was lovely.

get 3

I promise this post is rated “G” — my kids and my mom are the biggest fans.  That little collage is all I will share.  I brought a basket with some fun items.  Ironically, my husband had the same idea!

get 4

The sunrise… (see, I told you we are morning people!)  This is off the balcony of our first room.  Apparently, our bathroom leaked to the room below it, so we were given an even nicer room the second night.  No balcony, but incredible views!

get 5

get 6

I’m recording all the details so we have a record for the future… I cannot tell you how many times we look at each other and ask, “What did we do last year for our anniversary?  I know; let’s look at the blog and see!”  So, just skip through to the pictures if you’d like!

So, the first morning we had a lovely breakfast on the pier, and then walked right out to our whale watching tour.

get 7

get 8

I was excited to see whales, but honestly even more excited to see this:

get 9

Not just a few dolphins, mind you… hundreds!  It was a pod.  ur guide estimated about 1,500 dolphins.  It was spectacular; what a show!

get 10

get 11

get 12

get 13

I think I took 100 pictures.  And then we drove off in search of this:

get 14

The one and only whale we saw gave us quite a show, as well.  It literally swam under our boat, and I was blessed enough to have several good looks at it.  Incredible.

get 16

And, on the way back to shore we saw some sea lions!

get 15

We got back just in time for lunch, and decided on fish tacos and fish and chips.

get 17 get 18

Of course, the sea food would taste better if eaten by the sea, so we walked it over to the beach.  The perfect little picnic table waited for us as if it knew we were coming!  And the food… awesome!

get 19

Next we headed back to the pier for some kayaking.  Our first real date involved kayaking 12 years ago, and neither of us has been on one since.  We weren’t able to take pictures ptr than the launch pad below, but had a great time!

get 20

get 21

get 22

We walked back to the hotel where we debated between a nap or a trip to the gym and sauna before dinner.  Daniel went with the rest time…

get 23

I decided to hit the gym for a brief jog on the treadmill.  I am still very slowly getting back into exercise since my knee surgery!

get 24

get 25

Dinner was another special place; we first ate here back when we were dating.  It never disappoints.  I forgot to bring my camera inside; bummer.

get 26

The final day…

get 27

Again, we headed to the pier for breakfast.  This time we had the all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch, which necessitated a long walk after breakfast.  The hotel gave us a little map of a scenic 2 mile walk which had several lookouts.  And, that is how we spent our final morning.

get 28

(I may have been full from stuffing myself for brunch, but a coffee from a local shop on our walk was a must!)

get 29

get 30

get 31

get 32

get 33

get 34

Saying goodbye to our cozy room was hard, but in all honesty I was ready to hold my babies again.  It was really just two nights and one full day; just enough.  I am so thankful to my mom for coming to stay with the kids.  I have total peace when they are with her, knowing they will have a spectacular time.  And, so did we.

get 35

Happy tenth anniversary to the most awesome man I know!

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