France and Hot Chocolate!

This past week we travelled to France.

france 1

Ironically, (or more likely Providentially), the verse we chose for the week was 1 Peter 3:3-4.

1 peter 3

…And then we travelled to the land of fashion!  But, we still had fun designing our own clothes and jewelry while memorizing our verse!

france 2

There were baguettes eaten, croissants and cheeses enjoyed, and hot chocolate replacing our tea party.  Who knew the French were big on hot chocolate?

france 3

It was a week that would have made Fancy Nancy proud!

france 4

Let me end with a fun story.  As I mentioned, we decided on Hot Chocolate rather than tea on Thankful Thursday.  Our initial reason was because we were gifted some William Sonoma Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate for Christmas, and were excited to try it.  Then we read about how the French are known for drinking hot chocolate.  (See, and you thought I was well-planned or something; ha!)  Suddenly our fun tea party fit right into our curriculum.  But wait, it gets better — that morning, I was e-mailed a coupon from Starbucks for a free caramel flan latte…

france 5

On our way home from gymnastics there is a Starbucks drive-thru, so I went through so I could have my caramel latte while the kids had their caramel hot chocolate at home.  When I got to the front to give them my coupon, I was told the car in front of me bought my drink.  I felt so blessed!  It was a little love note from God.  Though, I was a little bummed that she paid on a day I had a coupon.  So, despite the fact that I am trying to have just one cup of coffee a day for the next three months, I made an exception and went back for a second free latte that afternoon.   That is my fun story. 🙂

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