Weekly Rap

It may have been a little quiet here on the blog this week, but you can certainly bet that means it’s been anything but quiet in this house!  Overall, it was a very good week.  Another week of school under our belt… A week of my husband working hard so I get to be home… A week of working on eating better and exercising more… after all, it is January!  Lots of thoughts floating through my brain that never quite made it to the blog.  Lots of pictures I didn’t take because it just seemed easier to be in the moment.  Don’t worry, though… the pictures will keep coming!

We awoke to many beautiful sunrises this week… here is one of them!

sun 1

The garden seems to be as confused as we are as to what season it is.  The bell pepper plant we planted last spring and thought was dead because it never grew suddenly produced these:

sun 2

And I’m pretty sure our peach tree thinks it is spring…

sun 3

Did I mention the sunsets were as wonderful as the sunrises?

sun 4

Hope you had a beautiful week, as well!  And, happy Friday!

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