First thing in the morning, I’m used to hearing my kids call from upstairs, “Mom, what’s the weather going to be?”  Lately, I keep replying, “Same as usual.” In fact, they’ve gotten so confused, yesterday Sierra asked me, “What season is it?”  I had to think for a second before responding, “Winter.”  And, every time I check the ten day forecast, it remains the same — 70’s.  Of course it feels wonderful, but we need rain!  Anyway, in honor of our glorious temperatures, (And due to the fact that we currently have lots of ripe lemons), we made lemonade yesterday.  Or, I should say my girls made lemonade.  It’s nice that they’re old enough to do most of the work themselves now!

lem 1 lem 2

In honor of Malachi’s favorite word, “Cheers!”


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